Seasonal Reminders

Spring Maintenance List

Now is the time to look at how your home fared the harsh winter.  The tasks below are important in protecting your home investment.  This is also a great time to make a “wish list” of larger projects.  We can assist you in setting priorities, formulating a budget and planning a timeline for completion.  Contact us at 608-831-3496 today to schedule a handyman visit.


  • Check sump pump for proper operation
  • After snow & ice melts, clean gutters & downspouts
  • Check for leaky gutter joints or loose fasteners
  • Make sure downspout extensions are installed and draining away from house
  • Check landscaping around foundation for any settling
  • Inspect home’s foundation for gaps, cracks or missing materials
  • Inspect roof for damaged or missing shingles, check roof vents
  • Check satellite/antenna supports
  • Inspect siding, soffit & fascia for loose or damaged materials
  • Trim/prune tree limbs or shrubbery that is in contact with roof or siding
  • Check windows for condensation damage, deteriorated caulk, broken glass seals or broken hardware
  • Clean & repair window screens before installation
  • Remove storm windows, perform any needed repairs prior to storage
  • Inspect caulking & replace if necessary
  • Check decks, patios, porches, stairs & railings for loose components, deterioration and need for refinishing
  • Clean outdoor light fixtures
  • Schedule an Air Conditioner annual maintenance inspection
  • Check exterior water faucets/hose bibs for possible leaks


  • Clean clothes dryer exhaust vent
  • Change furnace filter
  • Vacuum ceiling bath fans, smoke detectors & heat supply/return grills
  • Lubricate door hinges, overhead garage door rollers, tracks & wheels
  • Clean kitchen exhaust fan filters
  • Change smoke/fire & CO detector batteries and test units
  • Purchase & install CO detectors if you haven’t done so
  • Change batteries in thermostat
  • Purchase & install a fire extinguisher.  Remind family members where it is.
  • Replace laundry water supply hoses if they are more than 5 years old